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          Experience next-gen MRI

    Personalized MRI Exams for your Patients


IMAGICENTER® Personalized MRI Exams

 RSNA News

ABSIST signs Patent Licensing Agreement with Siemens 

 Kenneth L Weiss, MD - CEO ABSIST LLC & ImagiCenter®


"The ImagiCenter® vision is to provide

an unparalleled personalized medical imaging experience: 

ultrafast, accurate and responsive to both patient and clinician."


Made in america


ABSIST LLC & the ImagiCenter dazzle the sharks at the 15th Annual MS Technology Conference 11.4.14

10 Oct 2018 update

 7th US Patent to issue!

​WeissKL. COMPUTER APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING Multiparametric MRI Maps for Pathologies and Generating Prescriptions.

Application no. 15/694,960