ABSIST signs Patent Licensing Agreement with Siemens 


05 mar 2019 update

 7th US Patent issues!

​WeissKL. Computer apparatus for analyzing multiparametric MRI maps for pathologies and generating prescriptions.

US Patent no. 10,223,789 B2

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an unparalleled personalized medical imaging experience: 

ultrafast, accurate and responsive to both patient and clinician."



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 Kenneth L Weiss, MD - CEO ABSIST LLC & ImagiCenter®

2019 Presentations

Weiss KL, Storrs JM, Roda MS. Fast Multiparametric 3D Spine MRI: Color Me Dixon!. Miami, FL: ASSR 2019: February 20-24

Weiss KL, Storrs JM, Roda MS. Color-Encoded Multiparametric 3D Fast Dixon. Montreal, Canada:  ISMRM 2019: May 11-17

Nuchiappan M, Weiss KL, Infante J. Novel technique utilizing 3D fast Dixon volumetric imaging for head and neck imaging. Boston. MA: ASNR 2019: May 18-24


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