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5 Sep 2017 USPTO Issues Patent No. 9,754,369 B2: WeissKL, Computer Apparatus for Analyzing Medical Images for Diffusion-Weighted Abnormalities or Infarct and Generating Prescriptions. Application no. 14/948.209 filed 11/20/15.

4 NOV 2014  Jackson, MS.  ABSIST LLC & the ImagiCenter® dazzle the sharks 

at the 15th Annual Innovate MS Technology Conference 

January 2015 Issue Applied Radiology read about ABSIST LLC in "Trends & Technology"
page 44 http://www.appliedradiology.com/articles/technology-trends-rsna-2014

10 Oct 2018 USPTO Issues Notice of Allowance:  WeissKL, Computer Apparatus for Analyzing Multiparametric MRI Maps for Pathologies and Generating Prescriptions.     Application No. 15/694,940 filed 9/04/17

24 Nov 2015 Computer Apparatus for Image Creation and Analysis. Filed March 21, 2013. Application serial no. 13/848,638. US Utility Patent no. 9,196,035.

1 DEC 2014  Chicago, IL. ABSIST, LLC grants non-exclusive patent license to Siemens. Innovative imaging technologies including automated spine labeling and prescriptions made available to advance personalized medicine.

12 AUG 2014  Jackson, MS. USPTO Issues Patent No. 8,805,042 to ABSIST LLC.

4th US utility patent issued in 6 years. Invention covers Hybrid Convolution Kernel© technology. 

10 Jan 2016  Miami, FL.  Podcast by Exponential Technologies with Dr. Weiss and the ImagiCenter® scanning solution.  The story of how a frustrated neuroradiologist innovated his way around a broken healthcare system mapping the future of advanced imaging worldwide.  Click to listen to the podcast