5 Sep 2017 USPTO Issues Patent No. 9,754,369 B2: WeissKL, Computer Apparatus for Analyzing Medical Images for Diffusion-Weighted Abnormalities or Infarct and Generating Prescriptions. Application no. 14/948.209 filed 11/20/15.

24 Nov 2015 Computer Apparatus for Image Creation and Analysis. Filed March 21, 2013. Application serial no. 13/848,638. US Utility Patent no. 9,196,035.

12 AUG 2014  Jackson, MS. USPTO Issues Patent No. 8,805,042 to ABSIST LLC.

4th US utility patent issued in 6 years. Invention covers Hybrid Convolution Kernel© technology. 

4 NOV 2014  Jackson, MS.  ABSIST LLC & the ImagiCenter® dazzle the sharks 

at the 15th Annual Innovate MS Technology Conference 

January 2015 Issue Applied Radiology read about ABSIST LLC in "Trends & Technology"
page 44 http://www.appliedradiology.com/articles/technology-trends-rsna-2014

10 Jan 2016  Miami, FL.  Podcast by Exponential Technologies with Dr. Weiss and the ImagiCenter® scanning solution.  The story of how a frustrated neuroradiologist innovated his way around a broken healthcare system mapping the future of advanced imaging worldwide.  Click to listen to the podcast

1 DEC 2014  Chicago, IL. ABSIST, LLC grants non-exclusive patent license to Siemens. Innovative imaging technologies including automated spine labeling and prescriptions made available to advance personalized medicine.

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10 Oct 2018 USPTO Issues Notice of Allowance:  WeissKL, Computer Apparatus for Analyzing Multiparametric MRI Maps for Pathologies and Generating Prescriptions.     Application No. 15/694,940 filed 9/04/17