Our Patented Technologies

ImagiCenter®seeks clinical site partners 
to experience next-gen MRI

We will provide our show case site:

 •  FDA-approved 128 channel 3T MRI  (delivery: 2018)
•  Installation & service contract
•  Multi-patented technologies
•  Professional imaging expertise & concierge-level service


-personalized medicine reimagined®

The ImagiCenter® vision is to provide an unparalleled personalized medical imaging experience: ultrafast, accurate and responsive to both patient and clinician. This is achieved by an innovative coupling of the most advanced scanners, image processing equipment and software, seamless EHR and PACS integration, artificial intelligence and proprietary technologies with the highest level of professional oversight, interpretation, concierge-level service and ambiance.

The ImagiCenter®remains actively engaged in scientific and medical research. Collaborating with academic and industry partners, the Center continues to innovate healthcare through its cutting-edge translational research in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapeutics.

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"Seamlessly integrated into your practice, the  ImagiCenter®  holds promise to dramatically improve patient care and workflow."

Kenneth L. Weiss, MD

ImagiCenter®-personalized medicine reimagined®

 Transform your practice with next-gen MRI -accurate results in minutes!

  • FDA-approved 128 channel 3T MRI​
  • Seamless point-of-care integration ​​
  • Real-time intelligent: ultra-fast, accurate, personalized​
  • Complete, iterative assessment in minutes​
  • Customizable, responsive to patient & clinician​
  • Unparalleled concierge-level service & expertise​  

   Experience next-gen MRI today
Contact:  Dr. Kenneth L. Weiss, MD               
Founder & CEO                
            PH: (305) 677-9798                
Email: ImagiCenter@drkennethweiss.com